Dissidia Final Fantasy's First Major Tournament Shows Its Potential And Pitfalls

After hosting sporadic tournaments over the last few months, game developer Square Enix hosted a special Dissidia Final Fantasy NT invitational at Wednesday Night Fights in Santa Ana, California. The players—an eclectic bunch comprised of traditional fighting game competitors, longtime Dissidia fans, and online personalities—put on quite a show, even if there’s still room for improvement in how the game is broadcast.

The Death And Resurrection Of The Fighting Game Community's Most Beloved Message Board

The last few weeks have been a turbulent time for Shoryuken, the world’s leading fighting game website. After the outlet’s owners announced plans to shutter their message boards, the competitive community was sent into a frenzy, worried what the move meant for the future of genre discussion. And while that decision has since been reversed, the momentary alarm revealed a pressing issue with regards to how fighting game information is shared.
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