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New Injustice 2 Update Shows Which Online Competitors Are Using Wi-Fi, Whether They Like It Or Not

Injustice 2 received its first major update on June 5, courtesy of developer NetherRealm Studios. The patch largely addresses lingering bugs in the DC Comics fighter, but it also included a new indicator that notes whether online opponents are playing over wi-fi. While it may seem like a minor addition, this represents a major step forward for the genre’s netplay community, one that could also tear them in two.

Local Player Defeats Tekken 7 World Champion At Philippines Event

The Philippines played host to a major Tekken 7 event this past weekend, allowing local competitors to try their skills against two of the world’s strongest players. South Korean masters Hyun-jin “JDCR” Kim and Jin-woo “Saint” Choi stopped in the city of Makati for the Rage Art tournament after placing first and second, respectively, at Combo Breaker in the United States. Saint’s status on the world stage, however, was put in jeopardy by an unlikely local.

Rare One-On-One Skullgirls Finals Shows Why Its Loyal Fans Love The Game

While one-on-one battles are commonplace in many fighting games, it’s not really something you see go down in Skullgirls all that often. But the Combo Breaker grand finals last weekend featured Dominique “Sonic Fox” McLean and Jeremiah “WingZero” Beaty, two of the community’s best competitors, using just one character apiece. Both players left a path of destruction behind them as they journeyed to the championship match with their unconventional playstyles.

Low-Tier Heroes Dominate Vampire Savior Tournament

The recent fighting game tournament Combo Breaker featured the obvious big games such as Street Fighter V and Injustice 2, but a less-heralded game had one of the event’s best and most unconventional showings. Vampire Savior, a 1997 fighting game featuring demons, zombies, and mummies, drew perhaps the greatest collection of North American competitors it’s ever seen, setting the stage for an amazing grand finals match between characters thought to be two of the weakest on its roster.

Spectator Crashes Key Street Fighter V Tournament Match

Christopher “NYChrisG” Gonzalez was in a tricky spot during the tail end of Combo Breaker’s Street Fighter V tournament in St. Charles, Illinois this past weekend. His opponent, Japanese fighting game god Naoto Sako, had him on the ropes in their losers bracket match. Down two games and on the brink of elimination, Chris took a deep breath and waited for what could be his last round to begin. And that’s when he was tapped on the shoulder.

Brave Players Who Entered Combo Breaker Mystery Game Tournament Had To Play Some Weird Stuff

When you enter a gaming tournament, you usually know what you’re in for. Unless you’re entering a mystery game tournament. Do that, as dozens of people did at the Combo Breaker event in St. Charles, Illinois last weekend, and you’re playing the notorious Dong Dong Never Die. That’s just for starters. Weird picks followed in bracket after bracket throughout one of the weekend’s most entertaining events.
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