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Evo Ruleset Now Allows Coaching, With A Catch

Before yesterday, players at the world’s largest fighting game tournament were unable to receive advice from their coach, if they had one, once they reached the semifinals. Now, thanks to a rule change, if they need help during a match of Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros., or any other game contested at the Evolution Championship Series, their coach can assist them—as long as they remain off the stage and take only 30 seconds.

Street Fighter V Players Showcase Abigail's Giant Potential

Street Fighter V’s newest character, Abigail, is the game’s largest fighter to date, towering over even resident grappler Zangief. Since the character’s arrived on Tuesday, the focus of community discussion has been on his capacity to inflict serious damage with just a few hits. Many players have been surprised by the utility of Abigail’s moveset, while others have set about learning as much as they can about the giant in preparation for the day he’s used in competition.

What To Watch For This Weekend At Evo 2017, The World's Largest Fighting Game Tournament

Every year, the Evolution Championship Series descends on Las Vegas, bringing with it the largest collection of fighting game players in the world. Evo serves as a reflection of the best the fighting game community has to offer, and players who manage to become champions in the sweltering Las Vegas desert are regarded as having reached the pinnacle of their craft. This year’s festivities are shaping up to be mighty special.
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