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Tournament recaps for events on the Pokkén Tournament Championship Series circuit.


The Pokkén Tournament Last Chance Qualifier Is Over

The pressure was on for competitors during the first day of Pokkén Tournament competition at the Pokémon World Championships. With the Pokkén Tournament World Championships set for Saturday, players who had yet to earn an invitation for the main event made the trip to San Francisco in hopes of joining the field through the Last Chance Qualifier. The task ahead of competitors was simple, yet challenging--win your pool to make it into the main event.

Setting the Stage for Pokkén Tournament at Worlds

This year's Pokémon World Championships are finally underway, giving players from around the globe the opportunity to test their skills in their favorite games. The newest addition to the festivities is Pokkén Tournament, which kicks off with a last chance qualifier to round out the tournament field. With only a few seats available, the last chance qualifier puts unique pressure on the competitors who hope to earn their spot.

Breaking Down the Latest Pokkén Tournament Update

Over the past few months, the fun of Pokkén Tournament has been showcased in incredible competition courtesy of the Pokkén Tournament Championship Series. We've seen amazing victories, breathtaking comebacks, and more than a few surprises along the way. While the developers did their best to craft a balanced platform for fans to enjoy, the real test came when Pokkén Tournament was put through the rigors of high-level play. And like most competitive titles, dedicated players broke down the game and dissected each and every bit of its mechanics to truly learn what makes it tick.