Ian Walker

Ian is a passionate writer capable of handling both a steady stream of news reporting and regular editorial coverage. His interests range from Beyoncé to Street Fighter, making him a versatile addition to any workforce focused on the entertainment industry.

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A Catgirl Too Far, or Why We Need to Chill Out About Tekken 7’s Lucky Chloe

Unfortunately, what no one seemed to bring up in their criticism of Lucky Chloe is perhaps the most important aspect of her debut in the series: how she plays. While we can’t infer much from the short gameplay demonstration, her acrobatic fighting style appears to be both unique and familiar with regards to other characters in Tekken, incorporating the tendencies of fellow fighters like Lili, Eddy, and Christie as she flips and dances her way through the footage.

Following the Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament – How a Lengthy History Shaped Combo Breaker’s Vision

With major tournaments all across the country, stretching from the Regionals in Southern and Northern California to Big E Gaming’s numerous yearly events on the east coast, the midwest rarely receives the shine it deserves from the community at large. In Thiher, I see a worthy successor to Heart’s legacy, an organizer who upholds many of the same ideals and is ready to expand up on them with his own sense of flair. When asked how he would distill his overall message into something more bite-sized, he didn’t have to think long before providing the perfect answer: “Bigger, badder, and still feels like home.”